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What Kind of Animal Are You?

While each LO has their own unique way of attracting and producing business, there seem to be similarities among LOs that can help categorize production styles into one of four types.

As an LO, what’s the point of figuring out which category you fall into? For starters, it’s just kind of fun – something to do when you’re not explaining the benefits of a refi for the 27th time since 8am or scrambling to save a deal because your borrower just put $6k on their credit card a week before closing. It’s also helpful for your career. Some lenders are set up to serve a certain type of LO best and being self-aware can assist you as you choose which lender to tie your wagon to.

Here are four LO styles. Which one is yours?

Tiger – You’re in it to win it. You thrive on competition with your fellow LOs and are motivated by the achievement of others to keep up the good fight. You expect your team to work just as hard as you – and that’s 110% every day.

Wolf – You’re the lone wolf. You have a production system that works phenomenally for you and you’re not interested in changing it. Today’s growth hacks or tomorrow’s new tech hold little attraction for you. You might have a carefully selected few that align with your system and philosophy and help to make things happen – but you’re you, and you like it that way.

Meerkat – From birth, Meerkats are on a journey to grow their skills. They quickly grow and learn from others, then lift up the inexperienced among them and walk with them on their journey to greatness. Being part of something big is important to you – you thrive in a community setting. You’re not looking for a handout – you’re looking for the tools and training to reach your potential and to look out for others, because that’s just how you roll.

Dolphin – You love interacting with your team and fellow LOs. Your clients are coming over for a BBQ on Friday, and you’re inviting the whole office. You love your job because it gives you freedom to enjoy your life, set your own hours and help awesome people achieve their homeownership dreams.

So, which one do you identify most with? Maybe you’re a mix – mostly Wolf, but you do have your Dolphin moments? We all learn and work differently, and when we identify our tendencies and pair those with the philosophy of the company we work for (or hope to work for), it can help ensure a good fit. Some companies excel at serving the Wolves, while Tigers, Meerkats, and Dolphins will find a better fit somewhere else.

At Axia, we get LOs. We know there are Tigers, Wolves, Meerkats, and Dolphins – we respect the individual nature of the business and we delight in serving each variety. We don’t mandate or disallow certain tech, your approach to marketing, or your way of growing your business – because at Axia, that’s just it, it’s your business, and we’re here to support you in every way we can.


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